Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tea: The Women's Sport

Back in August 2005, we had our first Irvine Flock Women's Tea.  This past weekend, we had the 2nd one at our house.  Seven of us got together and it was a blast! We all brought yummy sandwiches, desserts, and pastries, enjoyed tea together and talked.  I remember one of the sister's husbands quoted as saying, "So....you just sit around a table and drink tea for hours and just...TALK?"  Well, of course!

Having tea (or gathering around any type of food) is much like sports for men.  It's a means for women to gather together for fellowship and bonding.  It's been said that a sports injury is equivalent to a woman not being able to talk, because that's how women bond.  All men need is a ball...any kind of ball.  All women need is food...any kind of food.  But of course it's more fun when it's a bunch of yummy treats on a pretty table.  The upside for women is that we can't get injured and potentially need surgery and then be out of fellowship for a while.  However, we do run the risk of getting fat, but I think that's a risk we're all willing to take.  Anyhow, I'm glad that we women of Irvine Flock love to gather together to talk and eat because I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of them better.

We met for about 2 hours and our conversation was facilitate by each of us answering questions such as:

Who or what makes you laugh the most?  How has growing up in your family influenced who you are today?  What is one goal you have for 2007?  If you could choose one yummy treat to eat everyday and it would have zero calories, what would it be?  What is your biggest social defect (such as not being a good listener, talking too much, etc.)?

Everyone was so transparent and I think we all left with a better understanding and greater fondness for each other.  Here are some pictures of the tea times we've had.

To August 28 022 To August 28 028 January 2007 135

By the way, Christine brought her huge and yummy trifle, for which I was very thankful.  It also caused a bit of conflict in our family because I forgot to save some for my husband.  Uh oh!
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