Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School Boy

Marcus started pre-school at the Blind Children's Learning Center this week.  Twice a week from morning until after lunch, he'll be away from me.  Even though he's only 2, we thought it would be a good idea to send him so that he can learn from other peers and gain some independence from Mommy, whom he depends on SO much for everything, even though he can do a lot by himself.  He has been doing really well, by God's grace, and so far, it's working out!

The first day was kind of hard on the little guy though.  I left the room without him knowing, but after some time, I heard his cry in the halls and my heart shattered into a bazillion pieces.  It also didn't help to hear Audrey say in the car with the saddest voice ever, "Mommy, I miss Marcus."

When I went to pick him up, he threw his arms around my neck over and over again and smothered me with kisses.  Then, he wouldn't let me go.  It was the sweetest thing!  But he had a great first day and he's already made a bond with the teachers and volunteers.  They said that he did the motions to "If you're happy and you know it" and showed off his knowledge of the alphabet.

Today, when I picked him up, this is what happened:

Me: (Opening the door with the biggest smile and highest pitched voice)  Marcus, it's me, Mommy!!!!!!
Marcus: (Turning to see me) Oh, hey mom.  (Turning back to face his OT)  So yeah, Miss Joan, I think it would be great if I put the ball over here...

Uh, I think he's adjusted.

His OT said that when she saw him in class, he was playing with a little girl and they were babbling with each other as if they were having a full on conversation.  So cute.  I'm so thankful.

Another HUGE reason why we thought putting him in school would be great is so that I can spend some alone time with Audrey.  It's kind of like redeeming the time I feel she's had to give away during the 6+ hours of therapy per week we've had with Marcus.  Today, she said, "Mom, I like spending time with you."  My heart melted and I was so thankful for this special time with her.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Say What?

We're so thankful that Marcus continues to learn new signs and new words all the time.  He knows how to say a handful of words and although his pronunciation is off and pretty much everything sounds like a version of "ba" or "da" or "na" or "wa" or "oh", we are able to distinguish what he is trying to say.  He even said his version of "I love you" on the phone today to his auntie and grandma.

Yesterday, while doing the dishes, I was thinking, "It would be SO great if Audrey and Marcus could do a little routine for our church's talent show one day!"  And then I thought to myself, "What?!  Forget that.  It would be even SWEETER if both of my children could share their testimonies of God's amazing grace in their lives in front of the church one day."  If that ever does happen, I think I will be crying for 90 hours straight.  Even daydreaming about that makes my eyes perspire.

Anyhow, with the little that Marcus does vocalize, it's funny because we know exactly what he wants and is asking for.  And for some strange reason, Audrey can understand even better than Mike and I can.  Either that, or Marcus does indeed know how to talk more and only uses it with Audrey.

Yesterday, they were fighting in the car over a toy:

A:  Marcus, I'm playing with it.
M: (grunting and pointing)
A:  Marcus, I said I'm playing with it!
M: (elevated grunting and pointing)
A:  Stop it!
A: (talking to me)  Mom, tell Marcus to stop saying that!
Me: What did he say, Audrey?
A:  He said "Mine".  He's not supposed to say that!  That's not nice.
Me:  He did?
A:  Marcus, don't say "Mine!"  That's not nice!

And my favorite:

A:  Mommy, Marcus lied to me today.

How Marcus could "lie" to Audrey is a mystery to me, but I guess I'll take her word for it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New List

Before heading off to Trader Joe's this morning, I dictated to Auj our list for the day.  Here's what she jotted down.  100 points to whoever guesses it right first.  Hint:  she wrote all her S's as 3's.

2. BET
5. BER (this one's hard...and NO, it's not beer!)
6. 3TBRE
7. TE
8. POT3O (another hard one)
9. 3OT
10. MUT (REALLY hard..I think she gave up on this one)

She's still doing some internet doodling (remember AUDREYLEE.COM?)
She scribbled the following the other day:


I don't know what's with the URLs!
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