Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trip to San Diego

Since we went away on a little vacation this past weekend, we missed church and didn't get to hear Pastor Marcus's sermon on Titus 2 (older women).  We heard great things about the sermon, so I was listening to it online today while I was drinking my daily after-lunch coffee with chocolate.  (After hearing the part on gluttony,  I decided to leave 2 chocolates in the box.)

While uploading photos from our trip as I was listening to the sermon, it occured to me that about half of the pictures were of food, or of us eating our food.

For example, here's what we had for breakfast.

January 2007 005 January 2007 004

We went to the SD zoo, but Audrey was more interested in her raisins than in the animals.

January 2007 008 January 2007 038

Another meal.

January 2007 054

One night, I thought I'd have a salad as a light dinner.  If I had only known that I would get 1 prawn, a sliver of avocado, 4 leaves, and 1 thinly sliced raisin, for only $1 less than Mike's huge carne asada nachos.  It was really weird & disappointing.

January 2007 042

Finally, some non-food pics...

January 2007 079 January 2007 001

I know we Lees love food, but Pastor Marcus' message was so good.  There is a difference between enjoying our food (and everything else He's given us) to the glory of God, and being ruled by it or indulging in it in excess.  Wow...and that was just one point in the sermon.  So much more to reflect on and examine.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A New Year Already!

It feels like just a few months ago that 2006 started, but now we're already in the 4th day of 2007.  I feel like time goes faster as I get older.  I was staring at Mike one morning as I woke up and I couldn't believe that I met him when we were just silly, very immature teenagers, and now we're married, having kids together, and living out our thirties (well, not me yet)!  By God's grace, we're 2 very different people now than we were when we met, and hopefully growing more mature every year.  I'm very thankful.

In C.J Mahaney's book Humility: True Greatness, he quotes another man who said, "Thankfulness is a soil in which pride does not easily grow."  That's so true.  When I'm ungrateful, moaning, griping, complaining, discontent, I know I'm a very ugly person and hardened by pride.  That's so scary.  I want to cultivate greater thankfulness this year so that I can be more humble.  I'm sure the Lord will provide many opportunities to practice it during difficult situations.  Lord, give me grace!

A couple things I'm currently thankful for  (besides God, the Bible, etc.):

1. Health:  our family battled colds, the flu + a stomach virus this past month (just like the rest of our church!).  It's good to have all 3 of us relatively healthy again.  Praise God!  I'm actually also grateful for the chance to depend on God during those times.

2. Cornerstone:  Every week, being with my brothers and sisters at church is SO sweet.  Hearing our elders speak to our church during 2nd hour recently has also been a huge blessing.  So thankful for them and all our other leaders who labor for us and love us so much.

3. Family:  A source of much grace...can't even put it in words.  Too long for xanga.  Random side-note:  I started feeling the baby move on Sunday and he/she's been non-stop ever since.

4. Breyer's strawberry ice cream:  a perfect after-dinner snack.

5. Funny things on our xanga blogring...although it's been a little slow lately.  Can you all do something about that?

I leave you with an example of how we spend our time at home.  No, we don't eat pho and have worship practice all day.  We just do this:

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