Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interesting Things

A few interesting things that have happened or that I've discovered recently:

1.  Audrey asking me after I've yawned:  "You tired, babe?"

2. Audrey asking me, "Hey Unni ("older sister" in Korean)!  Can I call you Unni?"

3. Audrey:  "F makes the sound "f f f f f f"  like "pho".

4. Realizing that everyone in my family dances way better than me.  My kids have inherited Mike's natural rhythm.  See Mike's Facebook for clips of Audrey dancing - OR - come over during dinner and watch my children dance live. (Some families memorize scripture during dinner...we perfect dance moves.)  Even Marcus has a mean pelvic thrust.

Maybe they dance better than me because they study clips of the Jabbawockeez on You Tube together.

Oh.  Dad, look at that move.  Let's try that one.

5. Seeing Marcus distinguish between a trapezoid, a pentagon, a hexagon, and an octagon and place them in the appropriate spaces.  Pretty amazing for a boy with a vision impairment and fine motor challenges, eh?

6. Discovering that Marcus loves to soak up new things. One thing we've noticed is that he LOVES to learn.  He recently learned his colors and right now, he's hooked on "Super Why" and "Letter/Reading Factory".  At times, we'll write down some vowels and he'll sound them out.  I have a weird feeling that he already knows how to read, but just can't tell us yet.  He also has a crazy memory.  I used to read 1 Peter to him real frequently and it ended up being a favorite of his.  After almost a year of not reading it to him, I came back to it recently and he remembered it by making the same smiley face he used to.

7. A little more serious...but I've discovered how easily I get discouraged/depressed and yet how lavishly the Lord sends encouragement and blessing.  (sigh)  I hope to expound on this another time.

8. Accepting the fact that it takes 900 tries to get a good pic of the kids together.

Take 1 - Itchy nose

Take 2 - Let's tickle her

Take 3 - The tickling is working

Take 4 - I'm a rascal and she is too

Take 5 - Just weird

Take 6 - Even weirder

Take 7 - I can tickle without even trying

Take 8 - I can't contain myself when she hugs me like that

Take 900 - I guess this one will do

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Away

One thing I've just realized is that I haven't bought a new purse in about 10 years.  For one, I don't really care what I put my wallet and keys in.  But more importantly, I've found that I can just stick my wallet and keys in a diaper bag, since I carry one around all the time anyway.

Another thing I've realized (and this is the story of most moms) is that I rarely walk around without pushing something.  It's either a stroller or a shopping cart or walking around the neighborhood pushing a buggy.  But this weekend, something amazing happened.  I got to walk around one whole weekend in San Diego holding nothing but my husband's hand.  What sweet pleasure!

Below is my husband of 7 years.  Supposedly, he's 35.  But he still dances in hallways at hotels when no one's looking and makes funny faces whenever I take pictures of him.

Below is an ice cream delight that I didn't have to share with a sweaty 4 year-old.  (Although the whole time I ate it, I thought of how much she would have enjoyed devouring it!)

It was our first vacation by ourselves since becoming parents and thus, the most restful weekend we've had in more than 4 years.  We were SO thankful for this awesome privilege!

Special thanks to my brother-in-law and my sister who is at 36 weeks gestation.  Thank you SO much!

If anyone is dying to spend the weekend caring for a crazy girl and her rascally brother, we are always available to make your wish come true. 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Update: Kids' Commentary Edition

Will you join with me in prayer for my mom?

She is our live-in paparazzi.  Doesn't she have more important things to do than take random pictures of us?  Pray that she makes better use of her time.  Sometimes if I pretend she's not there, I think she'll stop taking pictures.

If that doesn't work, I'll just strike a pose.  I've seen this one a lot in engagement photos recently.

If she doesn't stop, then I'll just play with the space in my mouth where my tooth used to be.

She does take a lot of pictures, but sometimes I use it to my advantage.  It gives me the chance to practice all my different faces.

This is my "Vinnie from Brooklyn".

This is "Office handshake".  Hi, I'm Marcus Lee.  Nice to meet you.

This is "Godfather".  I'm about to wrap my hand behind your neck and whisper a dark secret in your ear.

Hold, let me ask my mom for some more food.

Okay, this is "Rascal".  I like to tell people I lost my tooth from breaking up a gang fight in the streets of Irvine.

This is "Want a piece of me?"

This is my version of my newest sign:  "I love you".

This is my leg.

What you do after a meal is push your highchair away from the table, raise your leg, and chillax with a cold cup of milk.  I asked my parents to order me a La-Z-Boy recliner too.

Hi, it's me...Auj.  I like posing for pictures too!

But this is how I usually smile for the camera.

I wonder where I get that from.

But when I'm sleeping, I can't make funny faces.  Wow, my lips are big.

We went to Daddy's company picnic today at the Back Bay of Newport Beach.

I got to go in the water in my new size 6 tankini.  Mind you, I just turned 4 and it's already kind of tight on me.  My parents are wondering why I haven't thinned out yet.

Maybe it's because I like to be generous with my cupcake toppings.


Mom, will you put that camera down and help me scoop sand?


Daddy wanted to put me in the water today, but I was a little scared.

Once my feet touched the sand though, I was up for it!

It was so nice feeling the water that I actually wanted to crawl in!

I played in the mud for the first time ever and my parents were praising me for it.  I didn't hear any other parents lavishing compliments on their kids for getting dirty, but it's because Mom and Dad know that new experiences like these are not always easy for me.  But I enjoyed the mud and appreciated my parents' happiness over it.

This is fun!  Enjoy the rest of your summer, y'all!
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