Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Funny from Flock Last Night

Since people are sharing the kid funnies they've heard, here's one.  It comes from a conversation Anna Bulis (age 5) and I had during the fellowship time at bible study last night.  Don't know if it will sound as funny as it did last night, but I'll share anyway.

Anna:  Um, Mrs. Sue?

Me:  Yes, Anna.  Hi!

Anna:  Uh, Noelle (her baby sister) had one of Audrey's crackers.

Me:  Oh, that's great!

Anna:  (Very concerned.)  And after she ate it, I smelled her breath and it didn't smell good at all.

Me:  Oh...really?

Anna:  (Very perplexed.)  What kind of crackers ARE those?

Me:  Oh, they're a cereal called Mighty Bites (one of those Kashi cereals).

Anna: Well, we have Cheerios at home and they don't make your breath smell bad.  (I could tell she was trying to be sincerely helpful.)


On a side-note, this will be of no interest to many of you, so you may elect not to read on.  But as a mom, I have a dilemma.  My 20-month old is now in size 5 diapers!  I was in denial for a long time, but after leaking every single day (sometimes twice a day) even after diligently changing her diapers about every 2 hours or so, I finally had to graduate her to a size 5 to wear at least during her naps and overnight. And people, diapers only go up to size 6 and she's not even 2 years-old yet!  I guess poddy-training will have to come sooner than expected.  Either that, or I may have to resort to cloth ones once she grows out of a size 6!

I don't get it.  I feed her whole grains, no junk food (except on rare occasions or when other people feed it to her without me knowing), no juice, and I've put her on lowfat milk.  She eats the regular 3 meals and two snacks (of whole grain crackers or fruits/veggies) a day, and we often say "no" to her when she says "more", which she says about 20 times daily.  She doesn't sit still, gets sweaty from running around the house in circles, but she has always been in the 90th percentile of weight and height since she was born.  Everyone says "Oh, she'll lose the baby fat soon...oh, she'll thin out before you know it."  But oh my, she is a little giant. If you opened her up, she'd be pure, solid, dense, heavy chocolate.  Not just a hollow shell like those Cadbury bunnies.

So, this little 30-pounder is now forced to walk herself everywhere b/c Mommy can't carry her PLUS the extra 20 pounds of baby weight up and down the stairs anymore.  If only I can somehow teach her to get into her carseat and into the shopping carts by herself, I'd be set.

But don't get me wrong, I adore every last ounce of my little, I mean, big sweetheart.  Even if she is harder to carry than a huge bag of rice.  So if you want a workout, just come over and do lunges with Audrey.  That will firm you up like no other!

Here she is, doing what she does best:

March 2007 033

Question:  ARE there some of you out there who feed her junk food every sunday behind my back?  Is it because of you?
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