Thursday, July 20, 2006

Four Generations

Just thought I'd share a neat picture that my dad took of Grandma, Mom, me, & Audrey at my grandparents' place in Oceanside.  We took it a few weeks ago when my parents were visiting.

I wonder if one day, I'll be able to take another picture like that, except I'll be Grandma.  It would be the greatest thing if Audrey, her daughter, and her daughter's daughter could come to visit me and we could just talk about how great the Lord is together around my table.  If I got to see my children and their children's children grow up in the Lord and truly live for His glory, I would be SO thankful.  Wow, that means I've got a lot of work and prayer ahead of me!

If you get a chance, I'd also like to ask for prayer for Grandpa.  First, that I would be more faithful in praying for him.  Second, that God would extend His saving grace to him in breaking his heart to trust in Christ as his Lord & Savior.

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