Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Forget the Wild Animal Park, Come to Our House Instead!

As some of you may know, we live in a complex with a man-made stream that runs through it. Because of this stream, we have lots of ducks and other animals that share the neighborhood with us. Well, a few nights ago, I noticed that we had a guest that either wanted to pay us a neighborly visit or needed to use our bathroom. Mike took some National Geographic footage of it for your enjoyment. Notice in his commentary, he describes it as being "little". But you've got to believe me, this guy was by no means small!

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After Mike escorted it out of our home, this was our conversation (in true Mike fashion):

Me: (Trying to stay cool, but really scared inside.) Honey, can you double check the bathroom just in case there's another one?

Mike: Oh, alright. But if there is one, it'll just bite you while you're using the toilet.

...After a few minutes...

Me: (Still scared) Can you look in the kitchen too? I don't want to find anything in there tomorrow.

Mike: Why? If you do find one, just cook it for dinner!

Our front screen door doesn't fit quite right and because of that, we've had a lizard, a mouse, and now a crayfish visit us. We've been meaning to get a new one, but I think Mike secretly wants to keep ours just to see who or what will visit us next. Oh my! Hopefully he will be home when our next guest decides to drop by.

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