Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shopping with the Auj

I told the kids we would be going to the market and the bank one morning.  Audrey immediately went to her desk to write a shopping/errand list.   She took the list to run our errands and when we got home, I looked at it and realized that it was indeed a true list!

Free scoop of Frostbites to the first person who deciphers this list correctly:


We're still learning about volume control and what's appropriate to say in public.
Case in point:

At Babies R Us -

Checking out with an older looking cashier.
AudreyHey Mom!  Is her name Grandma?

At Trader Joe's -

Checking out with a cashier who had multiple piercings.
Audrey: Hey, what's that? (pointing to her face)
Cashier: What's what?
AudreyWhat's that on your lips?

And lastly...

Because picking her own just wasn't enough anymore:

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