Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Away

One thing I've just realized is that I haven't bought a new purse in about 10 years.  For one, I don't really care what I put my wallet and keys in.  But more importantly, I've found that I can just stick my wallet and keys in a diaper bag, since I carry one around all the time anyway.

Another thing I've realized (and this is the story of most moms) is that I rarely walk around without pushing something.  It's either a stroller or a shopping cart or walking around the neighborhood pushing a buggy.  But this weekend, something amazing happened.  I got to walk around one whole weekend in San Diego holding nothing but my husband's hand.  What sweet pleasure!

Below is my husband of 7 years.  Supposedly, he's 35.  But he still dances in hallways at hotels when no one's looking and makes funny faces whenever I take pictures of him.

Below is an ice cream delight that I didn't have to share with a sweaty 4 year-old.  (Although the whole time I ate it, I thought of how much she would have enjoyed devouring it!)

It was our first vacation by ourselves since becoming parents and thus, the most restful weekend we've had in more than 4 years.  We were SO thankful for this awesome privilege!

Special thanks to my brother-in-law and my sister who is at 36 weeks gestation.  Thank you SO much!

If anyone is dying to spend the weekend caring for a crazy girl and her rascally brother, we are always available to make your wish come true. 

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