Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not My Usual Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful for days when:

- my children are first in line to nominate me for Meanest Mommy of the Year

- my house is a dust museum

- my husband has to scavenge for matching socks in the 3 day-old hill of unfolded laundry

- I haven't budgeted for the month and we're almost half-way through

- my stack of unopened mail keeps growing

- the kids have watched 900 hours of TV straight and even Derek knows how to work the remote

- I'm complaining about the size of my house

- I have no idea how to teach and train my children

- I'm overwhelmed by the daunting role of advocating for my child's special needs in the public school system

- I wonder if my "healthy" children receive enough attention from me

- I'd rather daydream about all the things I wish I could buy rather being thankful for the riches I already have

- I'd rather do anything other than read God's Word

- I fall through on my promises to pray for others

- my heart grows even colder toward others who are lost and in need

I'm thankful for when I have nothing to show for myself and when I have nothing to offer others.  Although I love those days when I'm in sync and have it all together, I'm coming to see that when I'm only surrounded by loose ends and short-comings, it's easier to say, "My soul shall boast in the Lord."  (Psalm 34:2)


sohee said...

That's my list, too :) Praise God that He had compassion on us.

susiepyo said...

Amen Sue! I feel ya on your list. Surely we have nothing in ourselves to boast about. So thankful for Christ and for you! :)

Jane said...

I'm right there with you, esp on the tv part. Glad these shortcomings are reminding you that Christ is your all. I've been praying for you. Love you!!!

cathie hong said...

love this. thanks sue :)

jules said...

So true... love it.

sharon said...

so thankful for this post! (:

Kim said...

It's not always rainbows & butterflies, is it?! We are imperfect, but that is ok...He still loves us, and so do our children and husbands. :)

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