Friday, September 11, 2009

Say What?

We're so thankful that Marcus continues to learn new signs and new words all the time.  He knows how to say a handful of words and although his pronunciation is off and pretty much everything sounds like a version of "ba" or "da" or "na" or "wa" or "oh", we are able to distinguish what he is trying to say.  He even said his version of "I love you" on the phone today to his auntie and grandma.

Yesterday, while doing the dishes, I was thinking, "It would be SO great if Audrey and Marcus could do a little routine for our church's talent show one day!"  And then I thought to myself, "What?!  Forget that.  It would be even SWEETER if both of my children could share their testimonies of God's amazing grace in their lives in front of the church one day."  If that ever does happen, I think I will be crying for 90 hours straight.  Even daydreaming about that makes my eyes perspire.

Anyhow, with the little that Marcus does vocalize, it's funny because we know exactly what he wants and is asking for.  And for some strange reason, Audrey can understand even better than Mike and I can.  Either that, or Marcus does indeed know how to talk more and only uses it with Audrey.

Yesterday, they were fighting in the car over a toy:

A:  Marcus, I'm playing with it.
M: (grunting and pointing)
A:  Marcus, I said I'm playing with it!
M: (elevated grunting and pointing)
A:  Stop it!
A: (talking to me)  Mom, tell Marcus to stop saying that!
Me: What did he say, Audrey?
A:  He said "Mine".  He's not supposed to say that!  That's not nice.
Me:  He did?
A:  Marcus, don't say "Mine!"  That's not nice!

And my favorite:

A:  Mommy, Marcus lied to me today.

How Marcus could "lie" to Audrey is a mystery to me, but I guess I'll take her word for it?

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