Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conversations with the Kids

Last night, I put Marcus in his crib and said my customary "Goodnight".  Usually, we'll say "I love you" a few times before closing the door, but for some reason, I just stood over him and looked at him with a smile.  Then, you know what happened?  He signed "I love you" all on his own.  It was the first time he spontaneously initiated it!!!  Right then, my heart melted and oozed out of my skin.  Marcus could tell I was elated, which made him erupt with giggles too.  I think he was proud of himself for making me gush like that.

I then left the room, but realized that I forgot to turn on his heater.  So I reopened the door and went inside to turn it on.  I peered over him again and you know what he did next?  He raised his arm and made a fist to do a fist tap with me.  Ha ha!  This was the newest manly thing he learned from Daddy and he was proud to initiate me into the boys' club.


Mike and I often wonder what Audrey thinks about Marcus' disabilities.  Growing up with Marcus and all his therapies is normal for her because it's all she knows, but we are curious to know how she views it all and if she notices that Marcus is different from his peers.

I got some pillow-talk time with her tonight and she was rambling on and on about anything and everything.  And then she said...

Auj: When I get bigger, how 'bout I can go to the library all by myself?  And get a big bag and put books in it?
Me:  Sure, that's a great idea!
Auj: And I can take Marcus too.  And he can hold my hand and walk and talk too.
Me:  Walk and talk?  That would be great if Marcus could walk and talk, huh.
Auj:  Yeah.
Me:  Audrey, how come Marcus doesn't walk and talk right now?
Auj:  Some kids can't walk and talk but some kids can...like William and Lauryn's sisters Rachel and Olivia.
Me:  Do you think Marcus will walk and talk some day?
Auj:  Mom, remember when Marcus was standing by himself next to the wall?  And we took pictures of him?  And he didn't fall and bonk himself and cry?
Me:  I do remember. (I felt like she was telling me, "Mom, don't worry.  Remember how Marcus can stand by the wall now?  Just trust in God for Marcus to walk because He will make it happen!"  Wow, that rebuked me.)


After receiving a consequence for being disrespectful and disbodient to Daddy, this is what Audrey said:

Auj:  It's so hard to obey,  (sigh)  I need Jesus.

Amen, sister.  I'm right there with you. 


rosie said...

amen sister, right there with you guys too! thanks for sharing sue :)

Jemi said...

Ach! Made me tear up!!!

monster said...

thanks for sharing, sue. this made me cry!

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