Monday, April 25, 2011

What The Kids Have Been Up To Lately

Taking pictures with Daddy's favorite condiments

Asking "table for 5, please"

(even though we don't really need a seat for the 5th yet)

Displaying artwork

Enjoying the morning after a quick sleepover

(take 1)

(that's better)

Training for the LA Philharmonic

Painting Rapunzel

Sitting at the park

Swinging at the park

And liking it a lot

Visiting old friends

Enjoying dinnertime a little too much

Admiring flowers and fountains

Easter hunting

Easter posing

Easter dyeing

Easter remembering


xmlx said...

love it! where is the location of the garden that u guys are at?

jules said...

Man, they do such fun things!! Miss them! Thanks for the post!

Jane said...

How you have the time and energy to still take so many pictures is beyond me. But I'm so glad you do!!!!

jen said...

love love love every single picture and moment. Praise God for giving you grace to be such a wonderful mommy to your little ones!

susiepyo said...

Why are your kids growing up so fast? Love all the pics!

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