Friday, August 19, 2011

Just The Two Of Us

Our lives have definitely gotten busier with the 3rd child.  And with a full plate of work, family, church and the ever-present reality of special needs, it's not hard to lose touch or to just see my husband as the parenting partner. So I'm grateful for the chance to have been able to have a weekend getaway with Mike.  We shipped off the Monkeys and Piglet to our sisters' and CA Grandma's and some friends' and drove down to San Diego...just the two of us.

We listened to all sorts of music that Audrey would deem as "inappropriate, Mama", ate a bunch of kid-unfriendly food, and walked the streets with no diaper bag or strollers.  We missed the rascals, but what sweetness it was to be able to reconnect with my husband.  And sleeping in till 8:30 in the morning?  That was the icing, for sure.

There's something to be said for being able talk with each other when we're not totally exhausted at the end of the day.  And though it's hard to remember what our lives were like before kids,  the time alone jogged my memory a bit and it felt good to have him all to myself.

It was a beautiful weekend.  Perfect for strolling around town.

Perfect for playing some ping-pong.

And perfect for eating, eating, and eating.  Marcus saw this picture and said, "Mmmmm!"   Indeed it was, my son.  I'm glad I didn't have to share it with you.  One day, you shall have your own plate of steak and eggs with bacon and coffee.

Please indulge me over the next few pictures in capturing the memories of wonderfully tasty food.  When I'm preparing my 10,000th Dino chicken, I'd like to remember that there once was a weekend when I ate well.  Very well.  Too well.

Goat cheese and toasty bread, you were delicious.

I miss you, ceviche.  I miss you, sardines.

Come here, little fishy.  Come to mama.

Dear mussels cured in lime juice and chilis, you were divine.  We ate two orders of you.  Hope you don't mind.

My mouth is watering as I remember you, Paella with shellfish cooked in squid ink.

The kids, by the way, had the best time on their own little vacation.  Audrey went bowling, slept at Grandma's, then went to a birthday party and slept over at a friend's house, with different kinds of treats and sweets sprinkled throughout.  Marcus had so much fun at Eemo & Uncle Ray's house that when we picked him up, he told us he wanted to stay longer.  Derek also took awesome naps and slept all through the night.  I'm thinking we should go away more often!

We could have used another day or two away, but it was good to be back.  We headed straight into full parenting mode with Marcus' annual abdominal ultrasound on Monday morning (which turned out great, btw.  hooray!), Audrey's first day of Adventure Camp, getting Marcus off to school in the afternoon, several loads of laundry piled up, and a full day of errands.  As I walked out of Costco with a shopping cart full of boys and food, Marcus said, "Thank you for all the food, Mommy.  I love you."  (tear sliding down my HEART!)

I was both incredibly grateful for the weekend away with the hubs,

and so privileged to be back home with the Monkeys and Biggie Piggie.

(picture taken a few weeks ago)

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dawn said...

I really enjoyed your posts! It made me smile and laugh, and love your family from afar....I will be praying for you and your family's journey....and for Marcus as he trudges the unknown......he will prevail, GOD is on his sied!

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