Friday, January 13, 2012


Daily life can get complicated and busy and full of lots and lots of stuff to take care of. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  Just like many of you, there's been a lot for me to juggle recently, taking care of A & B while C & D are in mid-air, then catching C & D on my lap so I can attend to E & F for a little while before it's time to catch A & B again.

But yesterday, it was as if time froze, I was able to step away from A through F, to be led to Z. A Facebook friend posted a link to this little boy's story. If you can, please read about Tripp, his amazing mom, and lift up a prayer for them.

And then today, another time-freeze moment for me. Marcus got his new glasses yesterday. They are prism glasses with a little bit of a prescription as well. He wasn't too thrilled at first, but today, he asked to wear them in the morning. Here's a short list of all the things he said while wearing his new specs:

- Everything looks so color-y.
- Look at the trees!
- May I wear them a little longer?
- I look like Daddy.
- Telling the Trader Joe's clerk: I got new glasses. They're cool!

And my favorite...
Me: Is God helping you see?
Marcus: Yes, God is helping me see through the glasses.

I'm very thankful to have been able to pause from the daily juggling act to experience two totally different sides of the emotional spectrum. Sadness and grief for a child I've never met, and joy and gratefulness for a child of my own.  But I'm seeing how many times, my thankfulness is born of my grief.  Although my burden will never ever compare to the weight that Tripp's mom carries, there is a contentment that only blooms in areas of my heart that have been tilled with despair.  So I'm praying for her...that she will somehow know a peace that surpasses all understanding because she's going through a pain that only few can fathom.



Kim said...

How adorable does he look? And such a blessing that he recognizes the value of wearing them....hooray!!!

Thank you for sharing the link to Courtneys blog. Heart breaking and awe inspiring all in the same breath.

cathie said...

thanks for sharing that link... totally broke my heart & had me in tears. i can't even imagine. :[

April said...

Oh he looks so handsome in his glasses. Oh my heart breaks for mothers who are saying good bye to their sweet children. It is humbling to see these children & parents have so much courage-

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