Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanna Help the JSF & RCD?

Thanks to the generous donations of many friends, we'll be able to attend this year's conference for the Joubert Syndrome Foundation and Related Cerebellar Disorders.  Lord willing, all 4 of us will be heading out to Cincinnati this July to meet awesome families and their precious kiddos, as well as learn more about Joubert Syndrome.  We're really looking forward to it!

On one of the days, there will be a silent auction to raise funds for the Joubert Syndrome Foundation & RCD.  All of us are encouraged to gather a few items to donate for this auction.  We thought we'd throw this out there to any of you who'd like to donate for this event.  So if you have any (small and easy-to-pack) items, please email us and let us know.  Here are some ideas:  home-made jewelry/scarves, toys, CDs, DVDs, giftcards, etc.

Thanks for your support and thanks for showing so much love to our family already!

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