Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I had a good time wrestling the roast and trying to get it into the pan.  Felt like I was bathing Marcus when I was seasoning it.  :-)

Reflecting on the year and what I was thankful for, I couldn't help but think of the hard times.  For some reason, I remember those times more than the easier ones because through the heartache and tears, the Lord has revealed even greater blessing to me.  For some reason, His grace is sweeter during bitter seasons.  And Christ looks more beautiful when my own life looks ugly.

So my huge list of thanksgivings can be boiled down to this:  I am wretched, untrusting, unfaithful, and in despair, yet He saved me and continues to lavish His love on me through Jesus.  What undeserved grace!


jane said...

um, can you post more pics from thanksgiving please? :) thanks for sharing your thoughts, too. so thankful for you!

cathiehong said...


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