Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Married?

Julie and Mark are getting married in a few weeks and it will be such a memorable wedding for many reasons.  Ever since 8th grade, Julie has been my spiritual older sister.  She counseled me through all my drama from junior high through college and she took a pivotal role in my salvation testimony.  Interestingly enough, she was also very close to Mike at the time and really was like his "helper" before I came along.  Julie knew when I had a crush on him and when he dug me and neither of us knew it, and so when we got married, we were so thankful for how the Lord used her in each of our lives.  Believe me, she saw us both at our best and our worst, and she was always there, praying for us and encouraging us and bearing our burdens.  And to this day, she is still a prominent source of blessing in our lives.  Her wedding will be such a huge celebration, because God has brought the perfect man to take care of her.  It will also be so sad to see her move away after SO many years together.  Bittersweet to the max!

Because she loves me and Mike so much, she ADORES our kids and so she asked if they could participate in her wedding.  It is a huge honor for us to be involved in her wedding in this way.  It will be Marcus' first time as a ring bearer and he'll be walking down the aisle (Lord-willing...please pray he goes thru with it okay!) in his walker next to his big sister.  So with Julie getting married and our boy walking down with Audrey, I'm going to be a total mess.  Boy am I going to look great with puffy eyes, and a red, stinging nose the whole day.

Mark's mom was so sweet and picked out the perfect flower girl dress for Auj, and we found a cute outfit for Marcus that will kind of match what the groomsmen will be wearing.  They tried them on today and yay...they fit!!

This dude SO thinks he's a male model.

Earlier this year, Audrey was a flower girl in Karean & David's wedding where she walked down the aisle with her bud Joshua.  Isn't he so adorable?

We found out a few months ago that Audrey thought she married Joshua when they walked down the aisle together.  Poor thing had ruled out marriage in her future because she thought she was already Mrs. Ferko!  It took us a while to convince her that she is NOT yet married, and that she CAN marry someone when she gets older.  But here's a conversation we had today that reveals we have a bit more to explain to her.

Auj:  Mom, am I going to be a flower girl in Auntie Julie's wedding?

Me:  Yeah, you are.

Auj: Am I going to walk down a long time with Marcus?

Me: Yeah.

Auj: But Mom, I don't WANT to marry Marcus!  I want to marry someone ELSE when I get older!

Me:  Really?  Who do you want to marry?

Auj: Um....Ethan?

Me:  Oh really?

Auj:  Yeah.  Mom, who do you want to marry?

Me:  Uh, Audrey, Mommy's already married to Daddy.

Auj:  No, I mean, who do you want to marry when you get older, when you become a BIG mommy?!  (uh, i hope no one ever calls me a big mommy)

Me:  I want to stay married to Daddy, Auj.

Auj:  (sighing, smiling, throwing her hands in the air) Whatever.

Apparently, Auj knew way more about marriage than me and I just didn't "get it".


Jules said...

Sue, why are you getting me teared up already! Love you guys, love the kids! They look TOOO cute! And I'm excited to see Marcus walk down the aisle, crawl down the aisle, or roll down the aisle, doesn't matter to me!

joan said...

oh man, it's gonna be such a special day in so many ways. definitely bittersweet! why is audrey so funny!?

jane said...

wow, auj already looks so different from earlier this year! she's growing up so fast and one day, lord willing, will get married (for reals)...i'm gonna be bawling on that day too!

Tara said...

Okay, those pictures and that conversation have me stuck with permagrin for the day. Thanks for the smiles!!!

thechungs said...

i love your blog! audrey really did change a lot from earlier this year...and she looks so much like you, sue! and marcus is just so handsome :)

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