Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Family Fieldtrips

We got to take two little outings recently.

Outing #1,  Newport Beach

Audrey's mission was to collect tiny seashells to sprinkle on top of her sandcastles.  Marcus concentrated so hard on scooping sand and water that I don't think he smiled the entire time.

Auj:  Marcus, come on!  It's fun in the water!  Come on in!

Marcus:  Nah, I've got stuff to do.  Look at all this sand I have to write on.

Outing #2, the Magic Kingdom (our passes expire hoo)

What's even better than eating lunch at Disneyland?

Walking around like a stud with your dad.

What could be better for our Auj than running around the entire park?

Running around the park while eating a churro.

What could be more fun for a parent than seeing your kids enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth?

Having your child whisked off by the cast of High School Musical to participate in their song and dance.

Don't be fooled by the angry and stoic face.  You can't tell from the picture, but she is TOTALLY rocking her moves.  She looked like she was in a dance battle in an underground club.  Although her face looked like, "What am I doing here.  This is foolish and no fun.  I don't want any part of this nonsense..."

inside, she was thinking, "Dude, I've got moves that nobody else has and I'm having the time of my life!"


gomo said...

so cute!!! i wish i saw that underground dancing!! next time!

Tara said...

Will you adopt Chloe and I, at least for one family outing!

sohee said...

Too cute!

lufamilylove said...

thanks soooo much for the yummy meal! i totally need to get that recipe from you! love all the pics and all your captions! looks like you all had a great time!!

jane said...

uh, why are you kids SO serious about having fun?! that comes from daddy, right?

love the pics!

joan said...

what a fun weekend! can you post a vid clip of aud dancing?!

cathiehong said...

so fun! audrey looks so cute in the pink hurley jacket :]

susiepyo said...

Looks like so much fun! We have to go on an outing together one of these days...I'm dying to see Auj breaking it down club-style.

Bee said...

love the pics! audrey was so made for that hs musical parade!

kchien said...

Love Love Love! :) thanks for sharing :D

Minna said...

So fun! I'm so glad you were able to get away as a family!

I love those pics of Audrey dancing. We love that show! My girls don't dance though; they sort of stand there in awed silence.

Christine pham said...

I love Marcus. He's such a precious boy.
Audrey drools over Dland right? I remember Mike saying that Audrey talks in her sleep about Disneyland! HAHHA What fun and great kids!

sharon said...

so fuuuuuun! i want to be part of your family. (;

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