Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Love My Daughter

Audrey has been excited for school since she was in my womb.  So this fall, her dreams will come true, and Lord-willing, she'll be starting Kindergarten.  I'm excited for her and excited for me to have some free time in the mornings, but boy will it be hard to know that she will be spending 3 hours a day away from me, when for the past 4.5 years, she has spent every waking moment by my side!

She used to be this little baby (well, big baby) and now she's a little lady (well, not so little) who I can have real conversations with.  So much of my day used to be about correcting and training her and now, I find that I have to ask her for forgiveness for my own wrongdoings.  I used to be the one comforting her, but now she's doing the same for me.  For example, here is a typical conversation we have during our alone times while Marcus is at school:

Me: I love spending time with you, Auj.

Auj:  Me too, I love spending time with you too, Mom.  I miss Marcus though.  And Daddy too.  I miss the boys.

Me:  Me too, I miss the boys too.  And I'm going to miss you SO much when you start going to school, Audrey.

Auj: You'll be okay, Mommy. You'll be okay.

So I'm milking this time with her and intentionally staring at her and enjoying who she is.  I can't believe that God has uniquely created her as my daughter.  She's got some rough spots for sure, but boy is she a complete blessing to our family in so many ways!

Here are some moments I've captured during our Mommy-Daughter times.  Pictures I'll be staring at while she's enjoying herself at school.


xmlx said...

i LOVE my niece!
i can't believe how big/old she is now! i miss the days when she had baby names for every item...and how she used to say "es" instead of "it's" - ie: "es spicy?" and how she used to say "hol du" aww..

the photos look great!

cathiehong said...

i love it, sue! she is quite the character... i won't forget our little bathroom rendezvous ;]

the pictures do look great! my absolute fave is the one of her washing her hands at the sink. perfection :]

Minna said...

Aw Sue, I'm sad just thinking about it. :(

Audrey is so much fun, and she's growing up so fast. What a blessing for her to have you as a mommy!

And I think I may have told you this before, but your photography just keeps getting better and better. Great job on all the photos! The bathroom sink one is my total favorite too!

Elaine said...

This is such a sweet entry, Sue! What a sweet and blessed relationship you have with precious Audrey!

bookbloggyblogg said...

Aww, Sue, that got me all teary. Kids do grow up so fast... I can't imagine how fast it'll seem if the Lord wills that I should have kids of my own!

And I'm with Cathie; that hand-washing pic is perfection. Who'd have thought that a picture in a public restroom could be perfection?

I love the Lees!!!

Jules said...

Oh, I'm sad that you'll be sending her to school, I can't wait to hear bout all the odd things she'll be coming home and saying to you. Miss you guys!

susiepyo said...

I love your daughter too! :) She is so sweet just like her mommy. I can't wait to hear about her kindergarten adventures!

allisonsanchez said...

Is it weird that when talking about how big Audrey is getting, the thing that comes to mind for me is how much hair she has now? I remember when she was a little baldy... :)

6hans said...

I love our sweet Audrey too. She is just such a precious little girl, and someday, a precious young woman (like her mommy.) She will LOVE kindergarten, and I'm so excited for her! I hope she makes lots of great little friends. And mommy will be just fine too... just like Nolan comforted me, "Mommy, don't worry, you're gonna pick me up..."

jane said...

who knew that one day little nose-picking audrey would grow up to such a young woman (tear). love her, and all of her crazy quirks!

Monica said...

so sweet! ... what a milestone for you both. =)

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