Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bunk Bed

After a few months of shopping around, we found the perfect bunk bed at the perfect price.  It allows room for a crib (anyone have one they want to get rid of?) and the 3 kids will be nice and cozy in their little room.

Not only is it great to sleep on, but it serves many other purposes. It is perfect for climbing.

Doing yoga

Playing hide & seek

Staring out the window










cathie hong said...

so cute -- looks like they love it already!

miriam said...

i'm jealous! i always wanted a bunk bed.. maybe i'll get one for my new apt, that way aud and marcus can sleepover!

rosie said...

Niceee looks so fun and big kiddish! And can I tell you I am soooo excited for audrey's slumber party (even though I wasn't invited) haha. Hope it's ok I'm vicariously living out my childhood through your daughter and her friends :)

jules said...

LOVE these pictures, Marcus looks SO happy in all of the recent photos!

Kim said...

great shots and congrats on the bunk bed..making progress with making room! :)

Jelinas said...

SO precious!!!

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