Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Date Night With Our Daughter

All last Friday, Audrey thought Mike and I were going on a date and that she would be babysat by Auntie Miriam.  But at the last minute, we surprised her and took her along with us.  She was pretty stoked.

Of course, we had her favorite meal for dinner.  Here she is, getting her "condiments" ready.

It is an unspoken rule that we don't talk while we eat our pho.  We just devour.

Here's my bowl before:

And then 15 minutes later:

After dinner, we headed off to the Spectrum.  I love how my husband and daughter share the same anatomy.  I never knew that soccer legs were hereditary before Audrey came along.

As we approached the movie theater, she had a feeling that some good news was coming her way.

Here's her reaction to "Yes, we are watching Toy Story 3 tonight!"

More pictures of elation

This is her current favorite shirt.  She could wear it everyday.

We treated ourselves to some hot beverages before the show.

I caught a very interesting face as we were waiting for the movie to start.  It doesn't look like it, but she was very excited here.  But maybe she had a feeling that the fire alarm would sound right after the previews and that we would have to evacuate the theater and drive like mad to nearest theater in the next city to catch another showing.  Maybe she had a feeling that we wouldn't get home until midnight that night.  But it was all worth it because she had a BLAST and so did we.  :-)


miriam said...

so fun!!! so happy u guys had a good time! man, u party animals!
and yes soccer legs are hereditary!!!

cathie hong said...

so cute -- she is so happy!! and wasn't the movie SO good???!

Jules said...

Yay! So fun and hb to auj!!!

joan said...

the sheer joy on her face is priceless.

i want to have silent pho dinner with you guys...

karen said...

your captions are quite the entertainment sue! date night with audrey looked like a blast...so wait, the fire alarm went off at the movies ? and you had to drive to another one? that's an adventure!

Jeanne said...

how fun! audrey is so blessed to have you guys as parents. and those soccer legs are going to come in handy when she will have to use them to kick off the boys chasing to marry her.

Rachel said...

so sweet! makes me excited for when evie will be old enough for a "date" with mommy & daddy! glad you had fun!

susiepyo said...

What an awesome date night. Audrey looks sooooooo happy!!

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