Monday, June 7, 2010

Full Week Ahead

We've got a lot going on this week:

- Marcus' last day at his school (so sad!  i will post more on this later)
- Audrey's first ballet recital
- Marcus' 3rd birthday
- Women's care group meeting
- Marcus' annual kidney/liver ultrasound (NOT his favorite thing in the world)
- My major 20-week ultrasound where we'll take a better look at the baby's brain
- Finalizing last week's IEP
- And we'll end the week with a date night!

But I'm glad that before the start of this whirlwind week, we got to have a little fun this past weekend.  A simple trip to Target turned into a waterpark adventure at the Spectrum.  Here are some photos:


tammy said...

sounds like an emotional week! glad it started fun and will end with tlc as well! (-:

rosie said...

hahah oh my! audrey is drenched! hope you have a great full week ahead - glad you get a date night at the end :)

cathie hong said...

oh goodness, you have a packed & heavy week ahead of you! we'll be praying for your appt! happy early bday marcus :]

jane said...

will be praying for the appointment -- let me know how it goes! btw, i LOL'ed at the leg pic b/c auj and her daddy have the exact same legs :)

jules said...

that's a huge week! HAPPY BDAY MARCUS! Love the picture where the kids are standing with Mikey.

miriam said...

is aud wet or is that sweat!? i can't tell!!
so excited for the recital

susiepyo said...

Lots going on! Love all the pics Sue!

Alice Ham said...

wow, crazy week ahead for you. will be praying for you guys!!

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