Friday, September 24, 2010

Outdoor Play - By Marcus Lee

Mom's been tired.  Baby brother's taking over her body, so she's been moving slower and hasn't been able to do the things I want her to.  She doesn't even take me to the park anymore because I'm no longer content to play in the sand for hours.  By golly, I want to climb the playground equipment, go down the slides, and do reps up and down the stairs!  The last time she took me to the park, poor Mama was huffing and puffing from helping me get around, and when we got into the car, she was almost as sweaty as Big Sis.  I wish I could do it all by myself, but for now, I need her help.

That's why she tries to get me to do sedentary activities at home.  But goodness, one can only do puzzles, color, and read for so long!  Even my favorite TV shows are getting old!  If she had it her way, Audrey and I would color for 5 hours straight while she lays down and shovels ice cream in her mouth.  I've been hearing her complain about dizzy spells from being on her feet too long and Dad's been wanting her to take it easy because when she does too much, she has a lot of what Daddy calls Toni Braxton contractions...or something like that.

But the other day, I did some strategic fussing and got her to let me play for reals.  After all, I'm a 3 year-old BOY and I need to get out!  So for the past few days, we've been able to let out some energy.  Thanks, Mom!

She managed to get all 32 pounds of me safely on my swing and then ordered Audrey to twirl me around.

I was a bit excited about this.

Saliva-worthy excitement.

We also did some neighborhood graffiti.

Audrey was pretty into it.

Like REALLY into it.

And we mingled with our neighborhood buds.

All Mom wanted to do was take pictures of us, as always.  But sometimes a boy has better things to do.

Like getting dirty.

And climbing.

And strutting.

So thanks, Mom, for getting your bottom off the couch and taking us out.  I appreciate it.  :-)


Hubby said...

Love it babe!!! Good Job in taking care of things at home and the kids...You're a GEM, a gift from Christ!
Love you!!!

jules said...

Marcus, you have better writing skills than some adults! Glad you got mom and baby brother off of that couch for a bit! Keep up the climbing, champ!

cathie hong said...

lol, so cute!! this post made me smile lots! :)

shannon rambo said...

Sue, I think that you have a career in family photography! Great writing Marcus.

thekimfam said...

LOVE this! why is such a stud? like mike's comment too-- so sweet :)

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