Monday, July 11, 2011

How We Celebrated 2

Highlights from July 4th and birthday celebrations:

Audrey was elated to be able to drink a whole can of soda as promised on her birthday.

My daughter officially wears shoes that are more expensive than mine.  May I just say that the Twinkle Toes commercials are powerful at winning over young girls?  Audrey gets sucked in by advertising.  For a year now, she keeps telling me I need to buy Shape-Ups.  Not sure whether or not to laugh or cry at that.

Marcus dug these firework 3-D glasses.  Did we take him to see fireworks?  No.

We dipped in the pool and pretty much our whole neighborhood did too.

California Grandma was there and we're stoked she gets to celebrate every birthday with us from now on.

Marcus was excited for  big sister's birthday.
   Me:  Marcus, are you thankful for Noona on her birthday?
   Marcus:  Yeah
   Me:  Why do you love her?
   Marcus:  Because she's cute.

The father-daughter birthday duo got to bond.  During their night out together in search of fireworks:
Auj:  Dad, do you know what I wish for when I'm by myself?
Mike:  What?
Auj:  You.  I just love being with our family

This past weekend, she had another chance to celebrate.

First, tea party

Then, a princess musical at the Ebell Theater in Santa Ana

She loves her "girls" and I loved seeing her interact with them.

We are done celebrating her 6th.  Now I'm looking forward to finally being able to go on a date with my husband to celebrate his 37th!


jules said...

They are so cute, and SO tall now! I'm glad she had a great 6th bday!!

jane said...

love the gummy smile in the first pic (just like daddy in that one pic w/ the bowl haircut..haha). so much fun!

susiepyo said...

Looks like she had such a great birthday! So sweet that your MIL can be here to enjoy all the birthdays now.

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