Monday, July 11, 2011

Attack Of The Brothers

Big Brother:  Yes! She is pinned down, in perfect position.
Lil' Brother:  I just pulled her hair.  She seems okay though.
Sister:  (nervous laughter)  Heh heh.  I sure love my brothers.

BB:  Let's see if she'll tolerate me sitting on her now.  Derek, watch and learn.
LB:  I have so much to learn, Big Brother.
Sis:  Uh, this is kind of uncomfortable.

BB:  Okay, Little Brother, I think I've found her threshold.
LB: Boy, that was a great move, Big Brother.
Sis:  That really hurt and I'm sad now.  I thought you loved me.

BB:  I do love you, Sister.  I really do.
LB:  Hey, I didn't do anything wrong...right?
Sis:  Waaaah!

Sis:  Why do you boys always torment me?
BB:  Sister, we love you.  Tormenting you is how we show our love for you.

Sis:  Well I don't LIKE that!

BB:  But, I like it.  (pause) I like it a lot.

LB:  Wow, I think I'm going to enjoy this brother business.
Sis:  Hmph!

We are brothers!  Yeah! Brothers!



jules said...

So funny! Love all the pics of the boys!

jane said...

love it!! norah liked this entry a lot :) she said "aujee cry!"

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