Friday, December 30, 2011

What Happens When You Give Your Son Your Camera

Taking pictures with my camera is one of Marcus' latest hobbies.


He had an impromptu photo shoot one day.  Of course, he snapped pics of his beloveds



Our humble tree


My feet


Me playing his first love


And then he wanted to just takes pictures of his ol' lady.


I don't know how to work a lens unless I'm behind it, so I felt weird just smiling and taking beauty shots.  I mean, how many different ways can one smile?  So in order to oblige him, I had to improvise.


Tyra would never call me fierce, so I went with this instead.


It's so sad that there are already so few pictures of me and now I get to add these to our archives.


Our children will look back on these pictures, wondering what Mom looked like when they were kids and voila, they'll see this.


But I feel the most sorry for my husband.


He may have told people that he's married to a sweet, demure little thing.


So now that I'm pinning myself as a freak on the world wide web, I'm afraid that Mike's reputation will be on the line.


Honey, I love you.


Just think back to the days when you thought I was cute.


If you're embarrassed, I promise I'll go to the mall and take some Glamour Shots and post them on your Facebook wall.


But at least I had on a little bit of makeup.


And wore my nicer sweats.


I love you so so much.  And I'm honored that you want to grow old with me.


And call me your one true love, your greatest treasure in this life.


Because that's how I feel about you.


Alright, done with the photo shoot.


The photographer gives his smile of approval.

I normally don't ask for feedback on my posts, but would you mind commenting, texting, calling, writing me a letter, messaging me on Facebook, sending me a telegram to let me know that you're still my friend?  If you're new to my blog and don't know me in person, have I just shooed you away?  Were you expecting deep lessons on raising a child with special needs and now you're just appalled?  Let me know. Thanks.

To relieve you of your utter disgust, I leave you with someone far cuter.


Okay, I'm going into hiding now. So long.



donna said...

loved the pictures of you that marcus took! he's soo good!

Pamguin said...

His photos are actually quite good. I say he gets it from you. And not that my opinion matters, but all your 1,001 faces look fierce to me.

Jane said...

Okay so the 8th picture of you for some reason totally
Captures your weird personality to me (the one where you're making almost chinky eyes). Not sure why. My sis sure is weird, people.

monkida said...

love ya all the more!!!!

necessarilee said...

just a stranger wanting to say that i follow your blog (stalk much?!) and am always uplifted reading your posts. my daughter's name is audrey, too :) love reading about your family. happy new year!

Anonymous said...

SUE!!!! you kill me, hilarious! in all the 12 years i've known you, i've never seen you make such crazy faces. guess that means you can never know someone....
p.s. i noticed that mike didn't post on fb that "wifey has a new post up" - hmmmm.
love ya!

Noah's Dad said...

hahahahah Epic!!!

Great pictures. You guys rock!

Jeanne said...

i'm still your friend because i think i have even crazier pictures of you from our wierd college apartment days..

Michelle H. said...

it'll take a lot more than those pictures to get me to stop reading your blog!

Chubbles said...

super cute blog, and great job Big Marcus for taking such beautiful shots of your beautiful momma!

Nicole said...

I love this post! Made me smile :)

ladybonq said...

LOL sue, you are a very cute mama, even more so with your many faces. marcus is quite the photographer as well, i was pretty impressed!

Pam said...

Hi! I found your blog through a link you left on an autism blog I think. :) Your family is beautiful! I have a special needs son that we adopted from India in 2007. Life is interesting to say the least. I have enjoyed reading your posts so thank you for being an encouragement to another SN Momma!

Kim said...

I adore your blog, your photography and your family, and I especially love that your a little whacky, who isn't?!? Your just not afraid to show it, xoxoxox

Jenny Lee said...

I am always your friend :)

Tiffany C said...

This was so cute!!!

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