Thursday, February 9, 2012


Some random tidbits of family life I want to record so that I can look back on them and say, "Hey, I remember that!"

1. We sold our condo and found a great home to rent. Thank you, God! We are scheduled to move in a few weeks. I think I'm in denial because we haven't started packing at all.

2. I took the kids to see the outside of the new house today and as they always do when they hear good announcements, they all screamed in joy as we drove past in the car. Marcus screamed so loud and so intensely, he choked on his saliva.

3. Mike came home said, "I don't think I should drink blue Gatorade at work anymore." I asked why. He said, "Because my mouth turns blue." Then I couldn't stop giggling as I imagined him doing his corporate America thing all day with a blue mouth.

4. Derek is a capital P Punk! I'm afraid he's a classic 3rd child and now it's time to put the fear of God in him.

5. Alvin & the Chipmunks and The Sing Off have awakened Audrey to the world of pop music. She was humming Bad Romance while finishing a school project today. I was cooking dinner and joined her with some harmony. Then Mike, while watching the Laker game, decided to make it a 3-part harmony. I was surprised Audrey was able to keep the melody the whole time. It sounded pretty sweet.

6. After dinner last night, we were talking about Marcus turning 5 this year and then he shifted the conversation to talking about instruments. He kept asking what kinds of instruments could be in a band. We kept listing off as many we could and after "steel drum" and "harpsichord", I couldn't think of any other instruments in all of God's creation. But Marcus thought of a couple more while on the toilet. "Oh, mandolin! Oh, I know, castanets!" What a music freak! What other 4 year-old knows what castanets are?

I'm ending this random post with random pictures of our everyday, random life.


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Jane said...

okay, totally LOL'ing at #s 2 and 3. I have a funny vision of Mike working with blue lips. Can you keep doing posts like this?

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