Saturday, June 25, 2005

Car Accident

An interesting day...

Mike and I had a pretty eventful day yesterday.  I was on my way to my Dr.'s appointment, when I was rear-ended on the freeway during traffic.  We're SO thankful because the damage was minimal and nobody was hurt.  Praise the Lord for His protection!  I was sent over by my midwife to the hospital to be monitored because of the accident, since it's standard procedure for any pregnant woman past her 20th week to undergo such an exam.  I thought it would be simple exam, but it was a little more involved.  I had to change into a gown, get settled into a hospital bed and have 2 straps over my belly to monitor Baby's heartbeat and my contractions.  It was to take about 4 hours to monitor me and get back results from different blood tests.

The cool thing was that the Dr. did an ultrasound to make sure my placenta was not injured...and we got to see Baby!  The last time we had un ultrasound was at 19 weeks, so it was so neat to see how much he/she had grown since then.  We saw him/her moving around and saw a profile of his/her face, too!  The Dr. asked if we wanted to see if Baby was a girl or boy and it was SO tempting to find out, but we thought..."We've waited this long...what's another 2 or 3 weeks?"  So we declined (with much hesitation), but we're glad we decided to wait.

It turns out I was having a lot of contractions...every 1 to 6 minutes and I was 2 cm. dilated.  I could feel the pressure, but the contractions were not painful.  Because of that, the Dr. decided to keep me overnight to monitor me just in case I was to go into labor.  So Mike went all the way home, got our "labor suitcase", and came back (thanks to Miriam for driving him!)  He slept next to me in a recliner chair and we had our first hospital overnight experience together.  They discharged me this morning because I did not dilate any further and now we're waiting for God's timing in the arrival of our little one.

The whole time, I was wondering...what does God want us to learn from this?  Why would He sovereignly have allowed this to happen?  I have to admit that when I was hit, I was upset because I knew it would mean that the rest of the day wouldn't go as planned, and that we would have to take the time to get our car repaired.  But I'm glad that the Lord reminded us that we need to have a thankful heart no matter what comes our way...planned or unplanned.  He is surely in control and all things for His heavenly purposes.  So, it was good to try to exercise a worshipful and thankful heart, rather than complaining about little inconveniences.

Another thing we are learning is to trust in Him in every circumstance and humbly rely on Him.  We know that this is just the beginning...we'll have plenty more opportunities while raising our child, to rely on Christ and not on ourselves, to trust in Him during trials or unexpected events.  So we're thankful for this little lesson that we've learned!

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