Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Favorite Blog

My sister just sent me this blog, who got it from Jeena.  Thanks so much, gals!!!

Just read through many posts with tears in my eyes and my heart SO full and encouraged.  I'm SO thankful!

Here are two posts that blessed me tremendously.  Please read them.  :-)

Where The Broken Are Swift And The Weak Are Strong

I Love You...No Matter What


jane said...

just read those posts with tears...he's such an articulate writer and i'm so glad you could be encouraged by him!!!!

bookbloggyblogg said...

Man, I love this blog. What a blessing!!

I was at a restaurant today, and a couple was there with a developmentally challenged kid, and he started screaming and crying, and the couple had to leave. I was so thankful for your last blog post and this man's post -- really shaped my perspective about that.

susiepyo said...

Thanks for sharing this Sue. What an encouraging and inspiring blog!

Minna said...

Can't really find the words or emoticons to show it, but there were definitely tears and encouragement for me too. Thank you so much for sharing this, Sue!!

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