Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning Wrestling Match

Buzz Lighyear:  Mwah-ha-ha!  I see my prey.  I will force Gumball Girl into submission.

BL:  First, I will pin her down with my head.

GG:  Woah!

BL:  Then, I will push my diaper into her face.

GG:  Aaah!

BL:  I will then strangle her with the grip of death.

GG:  Hee hee hee!

BL:  And sit on her again.

BL:  Sometimes a little saliva lets her know who's boss.

BL:  Okay, let's take a little breather.

GG:  Whew!  That was fun!

BL:  Yes, now she knows that she is no match for my power!

GG:  Oh, my brother...isn't he cute?

GG:  I love him SO much!  (strangle hold)

BL:  (suffocating) I will be victorious again, Gumball Girl.  Just wait and see!


cathiehong said...

i loooove these photos. their smiles (& drool) melt my heart.

bookbloggyblogg said...

What a sweet photoshoot!! This made me all warm in my heart-area. I love them kids of yours. :)

jane said...

are those his PJs? tooo funny! let's throw norah into the ring when we're in hawaii and see what happens.

Jules said...

That was SO cute, I loved the little captions! Very sweet!

susiepyo said...

Ahahah! That was too funny! Why are your kids so darn cute???

xmlx said...

those pj's are new! i've never seens those before!!! to infinity and beyonD!!!

Pam said...

That was the cutest superhero wrestling match I've ever seen. I can't wait 'til the next episode!

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