Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. We had another neuro-ophthalmology appointment this morning up in Pasadena and the doctor was so pleased.  Marcus was able to "tell" the doctor what pictures he could see by pointing to the matching picture on a piece of paper.  We found that his visual acuity is 20/60.  The doctor was thrilled that his vision is so good and totally impressed that he could even measure his vision with those pictures.  He said that it is tough to examine a child's vision at Marcus' age and that it wasn't only his vision, but also his intelligence and attention to the task that helped him with the examination.  Marcus was a rock star this morning and Audrey was so patient during yet another appointment.  Mike and I drove back home SO full of thanks.

2. I'm thankful for the new Gospel Christianity classes that have started at church.  This particular quote struck me and ministered to me this week:  Disbelief in the gospel of grace, of course, keeps the unconverted from God.  But a lack of DEEP (emphasis mine) belief in the gospel is also the main cause of spiritual deadness, fear, and pride in Christians, because our hearts continue to act on the basis of "I obey, therefore I am accepted."

3. I'm thankful that Marcus' sleep at night has generally improved.  I think the combination of Daylight Savings and Johnson & Johnson's Nighttime Lavender Wash has helped (for now).  Thank you, Lord!

4. I'm thankful for my husband, who has been SO patient while I've been incredibly lagging in the homemaking department lately.

5. I'm thankful that one day this past week, I caught my kids watching TV together like this:


cathiehong said...

praise God for your appt & how that doctor is helping to provide answers here & there! and that pic of your kids is so cute.

miriam said...

that picture is so cute! i love that they totally LOVE each other!

thanks for sharing about the doctor visit! i'm soooo thankful the God's abundant grace in ur lives!!! He is so good!

sohee said...

love the picture... great news about marcus!

jane said...

oh heart is melting!!! why are they so cute?

praise the Lord for marcus' appt. so thankful too.

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