Thursday, April 22, 2010

Audrey's Thoughts On Pregnancy

Audrey first found out about the pregnancy during our first ultrasound at 7 weeks.  When she saw the beating heartbeat and finally put two and two together, she erupted in complete elation that she would have another little brother or sister.  "I'm going to tell ALL my friends!", she exclaimed.   For the rest of the day, she asked me every 5 minutes if I was feeling okay and if I had any ouchies.  And for the next few weeks, she kept the ultrasound picture in her Tinkerbell purse.


I guess she was wondering how the baby got inside Mommy's belly, because one day she asked with a stern look of consternation, "Mommy, did you EAT the baby?"


One day in the car, she had an epiphany.

Auj:  Mommy, you are like MARY!

Me:  Why, Auj?

Auj:  Because you are having a BABY!  (duh, Ma.)


It's been fun thinking of baby names with her.  Here are some interesting ones she's contributed.

Girls' names:  Gabriella (High School Musical), Audrey

Boys' names:  Jesus, John the Baptist, Lightning McQueen


She had been really hoping for a baby sister, so naturally, she was disappointed when we found out she was going to have another brother.  But after we reminded her of all her girl friends who have 2 brothers, she was encouraged.  At the end of the day, she said, "I love boys today."


cathie hong said...

ahhhhhh so funny!!! my fave is her name suggestions! you should definitely go for lightning mcqueen.

miriam said...

u ate the baby!!!!!!!!! lol.
i love that girl!

no but seriously, what names are u guys thinking?

Rachel said...

Too cute!!

Jules said...

Man, that was TOO funny! Hey, did you really eat the baby? You can practice that conversation on me. :)

Monica said...

this is hilarious! i would definitely 2nd lightening mcqueen!

Jeanne said...

that audrey, so funny and insightful! she is a pro big sis!

janice said...

too cute!

Sophie said...

Audrey is so funny! Love that little girl!!! She is going to be a wonderful big sister to the new baby "Lightening McQueen Lee."

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