Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Man On Campus

(warning: 900 pictures coming your way)

Here's the big guy walking to his classroom

Big sis likes to help him up the little incline

For some reason, he looks a little stoic this morning.  He's probably thinking, "Mom, why are you taking pictures?  This is SO not a big deal anymore."

It's not a big deal that I just made it through the first hallway and past the gate

Well, maybe it is a big deal

Now off to find Room N

Here's my class...wonder what everyone's doing in there

Oh my, the paparazzi is still here

If I flash you a smile, will you go away?

Here's another one

Okay, last one

Here's my awesome teacher, Ms. Raj

She wants me to cruise around this little enclosed square

Dude, this is no joke, Mom

Yes!  Made it to the first corner

What's sis doing?  She's reading braille books.

Alright, this is not so bad

I did it.  No big deal, really.

Now I get to sit and play with some blocks

Mom:  "I love you, Marcus!  I'm gonna miss you!  Have a great day!

Marcus:  "Oh, are you still here?  Uh, yeah...love you too."

Auj likes to play in the school's playground each morning

Can't wait for you to twirl me around!

Wait...first thing's first

Awww, yeah

Woah, woah, woah


I'm a little dizzy

Wait, there's a few left in there

Thanks for spinning me around, Ma

I'm pooped!

Time to sign Marcus in and go spend some alone time with Mommy

(3.5 hours later)

Marcus is happy to see us after a full day of school.  Time to walk back to the car!

He's happy to see that his favorite part of the walk is approaching

Weeeee!  Down the ramp I go!

Who needs Disneyland when you've got ramps!

That was serious fun

And I'm a serious stud

The name's Lee.  Marcus Lee.


cathiehong said...

so funny, sue! i love that auj is reading braille books hahah & i love marcus' face when he's going downhill! :]

Rachel said...

Oh, I LOVE all the pics! I can't believe what a big boy Marcus is already! So glad he's enjoying school so much!

miriam said...

doode, she has no shame in getting those boogies out! *like!

lufamilylove said...

love the narrative! marcus looks like he is loving school!

sharon said...

such a stud!

Jules said...

So cute! Loved seeing the 900 photos, I could look at another 900!

Monica said...

awesome photos Sue! what a priceless story they tell ....

jane said...

hehe i agree with julie. keep them comin! marcus is a stud. and auj...i have no words.

sarah said...

lovin' the picture blog. go marcus! audrey is such a good & hilarious sis, too. :)

susiepyo said...

Love the one million pix! It's like I'm actually there to see Marcus going to his class! :)

Minna said...

Hahaha, I love the 900 pictures, too! So funny how there's always at least one nose-picking one. :)

Marcus' classroom looks so cool, btw!

Jeanne said...

gosh, your kids look so big in these pictures...and they are more beautiful than the last time i saw them! i always wondered what marcus did at school each day :)

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