Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marcus Says

I wrote this post a few years ago truly not knowing if Marcus would ever learn to speak. Well, the Lord has yet again answered abundantly and now, at age 4, he is a jibber jabber machine. I never thought I would have to ask him to stop talking, but these days, I've even been requesting more "silent time" from him. And it makes me giddy.

Here are some of the latest speech highlights:

"I want to go to the deep dark woods tomorrow."


Me: Marcus, why do your feet stink so much?
Marcus: (Toes in his nose) Smells like flowers.


His tone can sometimes be Godfather-esque.

Me: Marcus, what did you do at school today?
Marcus: I don't know. You tell me.

Me: (Helping Marcus after going potty) Eeew, Marcus. Your poo-poo stinks.
Marcus: I want to smell it.
Me: No! That's gross!
Marcus: I want to smell it!!
Then he makes me help him bend over the toilet to smell the yuckiness.

Me: (doing a silly Mommy dance)
Marcus: (giving me the hand) Stop. Stop dancing.
Me: Why?
Marcus: Because I don't like your dancing.

Me: Marcus, eat your pizza, please.
Marcus: Use your fingers and put it in my mouth.

Now that he's learning to talk, I guess I should teach him some manners too.



susiepyo said...

Hahaha, his comments are soooo awesome! Love him!

sandy said...

awesome! i don't even know him, but i love him. i always looks forward to your posts. Keep posting because the Lord uses it to bring me to my knees on behalf of your family. praising our God for you guys!

Monica said...

boys will be boys!!! love him!

cathie said...

i love the "stop. stop dancing." what a little rascal!

janice said...

so cute.

Connie Pyo said...

hahaha use your fingers and put it in my mouth! loving that one the most. gonna use it on sam tonight!

Jules said...

He is mr. Personality!! It's like he was storing up these one liners all along!!

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